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DVD Cover Searcher

DVD Cover Searcher is a windows based program which is designed to find and download DVD keep case covers and CD labels. Hunting those DVD covers and CD labels can be both time consuming and frustrating. This is where DVD Cover Searcher comes to the ...

Shareware  4,018k 1186 cheapshareware
SEO Expire domain searcher

SEO Expire domain searcher

Expired Domain Searcher find soon to expire domains as well as expired domain names that could be valuable domains if there is expired traffic coming to the site. Every day 30,000 domains are registered and 2000 domains expire. Don't wait for all the good Domains ...

Freeware  248k 783 AB Utilitys for your PC
AdSysNet LDAP Searcher

AdSysNet LDAP Searcher

AdSysNet LDAP Searcher is a simple utility to search the active directory objects. Also the tool lets the Admins to create and execute the customized ldap queries. The tools support some built-in queries (all users, groups, enabled users, disabled users, etc) and Admins can add ...

Shareware  4,668k 393 AdSysNet Solutions
Image Searcher PRO

Image Searcher PRO

Image Searcher PRO is a handy and powerful tool with attractive interface, made to help you to locate desired images and review your collection. In the specified folder it searches for picture files and produces the report. You can sort it, review pictures in manual ...

Shareware  1,725k 1588 VicMan Software Car Searcher

Use the Car Searcher to search from more than 10,000,000 new and used cars, trucks, and SUVs! This program lets you use the power of CarGroove to find the car of your dreams within your price range! Very easy to use, yet very powerful! ...

Freeware  757k 1348 RoadSide Software LLC
Space Searcher

Space Searcher

As our life races ahead with blazing speed, our computing demands grow correspondingly. Can you imagine that several years ago a 40 Mb hard drive was more than enough for holding all data in an average company? The technology evolution brings new demands and the ...

Shareware  1,471k 1119 Helmsman
1st Email Searcher

1st Email Searcher

1st Email Searcher helps you to search for email addresses in files and folders located on a PC or on the Internet, and place emails to text files. The program lets you find all email addresses you have on your PC, grab only those of ...

Freeware  1,503k 1510 IM Soft
Turbo Searcher

Turbo Searcher

Turbo Searcher is the fastest tool in the world for finding any type of files through your local or network computers. All you need to do is typing in your search words and press ENTER, mostly the search time is within 1 second. With Turbo ...

Shareware  1,962k 941 KnownSoft
Network Searcher

Network Searcher

As computers become more and more advanced, file searching utilities do too. Ten years ago, computers stored a few hundred files, now they store, on average, upwards of fifty thousand. Connect several hundred of these computers and you can understand why network file searching is ...

Shareware  693k 753 BGSoft

Light Web Searcher

Utility "Light Web Searcher" allows to search for textual information in the web-sites. In a difference from the Google-like global searching systems, given software provides only local information searches in concrete sites. The main advantage is that Light Web Searcher searches for a data directly ...

Freeware  1,014k 976 XVel Software

Hyper File Searcher

Hyper File Searcher is a tool which can search all files in your computer in an extremely high speed. Based on the database search engine, this tool can do a search ONLY IN SECONDS. Very easy to use, just like the searching tool provided by ...

Demo  1,458k 638 Exalogic com
aborange Searcher

aborange Searcher

aborange Searcher ist eine Software zur Dateisuche. Die Suche kann in einem Verzeichnis oder gleichzeitig in mehreren Verzeichnissen durchgeführt werden. Die Suchergebnisse werden in einer übersichtlichen und sortierbaren Liste ausgegeben. Der Suchvorgang kann über zahlreiche Parameter eingegrenzt werden, z.B. Dateiname, Dateigröße, Änderungsdatum aber auch nach ...

Freeware  1,311k 869 Mathias Gerlach

DVD Cover Searcher Pro

DVD Cover Searcher Pro is the most popular windows based program for performing incredible fast searches and giving outstanding performance every time. If you are looking for DVD, or Audio covers & labels, DVD Cover Searcher Pro will perform this task with the greatest of ...

Shareware  4,560k 678 cheapshareware co uk

Torrent Searcher

Torrent Searcher 5.0 is an easy-to-use media search and download tool. It have one big different option included in comparison with other p2p programs. That is that it can search for torrents on several of big torrents sites/databases (web based Torrent Searcher). It can search ...

Freeware  4,144k 2760 ibonsai org
Turbo Searcher Network Edition

Turbo Searcher Network Edition

Turbo Searcher Network Edition is based on the Turbo Searcher Standard Version, besides including all features of the Standard Version, this version of Turbo Searcher is used in a corporation mainly who has many computers to search. Turbo Searcher Network Edition allows you search into ...

Shareware  2,038k 938 KnownSoft

ultimate Searcher

ultimate Searcher. Use this software to: find your favorite pages, find beautiful images, find the latest news, find people, find music and MP3s, find powerful software

Shareware  966k 610 OnixSoft
Paraben's Text Searcher

Paraben's Text Searcher

Complete text string searches for entire drives searching over 230 file types as well as slack and unallocated space. Using search indexes shortens search times. Compressed indexes are 30-60% the size of the original data. Supports complex searching queries through Boolean expressions. Supports multiple languages ...

Demo  8,902k 761 Paraben Corporation

Visual Email Searcher

Visual Email Searcher helps you to find and reach your target customers. It creates targeted email lists at high speed. Our program allows you to search, extract and collect email addresses matching your keywords from more then 7,000,000,000 web pages. Visual Email Searcher supports multi-threading ...

Shareware    375

Axioma Searcher

Axioma Search focuses on understanding the context of SEARCH from the searcher's perspective. The Axioma Search intelligence product ("Axioma Searcher") has been created to help searchers improve their Internet search experience. We concentrate on how the searcher describes what they want, and how we can ...

Freeware  2,120k 246 Axioma LLC

Purple Web Searcher

Search the Web from your desktop with the major search engines! Right click on the box to search the music, videos, encyclopedia and pictures... Web Searcher exists in purple, blue, pink and white.

Freeware  867k 352

Duplicate and Same Files Searcher

Duplicate & Same Files Searcher (Duplicate Searcher) is an application for searching duplicate files (clones) and NTFS hard links to the same file. It searches duplicate file contents regardless of file name (true byte-to-byte comparison is used).

Freeware  126k 256

Duplicate Files Searcher

Duplicate Files Searcher (DFS) is an application for finding and deleting duplicated files on your computer. It can also be used to calculate MD5 and SHA hashes. It is a platform-independent software and runs under Windows, Linux/Unix and MacOS.

Freeware  375k 433

Lab Searcher

Special searcher that helps in picking and navigating through the massive catalog of laboratory products.

Freeware  723k 179

Torrent Searcher Client

Torrent Searcher Client is an exclusive torrent client with the possibility to manage and create torrents. Torrent Searcher Client is based on BitTornado which extended from from Original Bittorrent Core System , coded by Bram Cohen.

Freeware  346k 285

Website Searcher

Website Searcher is PHP application based on Zend Framework which uses Zend Lucene technology to index and search web site. It don't use any DBMS for search index database only files on disk. You can index and search your site or any site from Web. ...

Freeware  21k 320

Catalogue File Searcher

Catalogue File searcher is utility which creates files catalogs from local disks,CDs,LAN and then allow fast,accurate and intelligent searching of 1 needle within a heap of million(s) files. Based for win32 platform, hoped to be OS independent one day

Freeware  92k 291

Torrent Searcher SA

Torrent Searcher SA Edition is a open source filesharing application who can connect to the Gnutella, Gnutella 2 and ed2k network. Torrent Searcher SA Edition is completely free for use and won't add any spyware.

Freeware  3,243k 201

Fast Email Searcher

Fast Email Searcherer is a 32 bit Windows Program for e-mail marketing. It is intended for easy and convenient search large e-mail address lists from mail servers.Fast Email Searcherer support multi-threads (up to 500 connections). Fast Email Searcherer search the needed emails for you.

Shareware  242k 1303 paopao software Inc

CSS Zip Searcher

A file search utility that also searchers the contents of ZIP archive files. The Results grid shows the files date and size at the time it was added to the ZIP archive. Files can be unzipped directly from the Main Console without having to use ...

Shareware  852k 988 CSS Software

PDF Searcher

Pdfsearcher finds PDF files, search zip archives for pdf files, convert pdf to text, locate text view files, display search strings, match text . It searches subfolders & uses file dates, files size, text, case sensitive search strings. Search up to 90 multiple search strings. ...

Shareware  3,527k 935 Filehunter Software
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